Our comprehensive training library is constantly growing. Choose the topic that interest you below. Watch several videos in a row or come back to watch more at your convenience. 

Topic 1

UWUA President Slevin’s Opening Remarks
UWUA President Slevin shares his views on the importance of Power for America's union led training for the nation’s utility workers.

A Message from the AFL-CIO
AFL-CIO President Shuler shares why this is an important time for a trained union workforce to meet the emerging needs of the United States.

The P4A Advantage
Executive Director Harmon explains what the Power for America Advantage is when it comes to training utility workers.

Communicating Across the Generations
How can we communicate better with our co-workers?  This video provides insights and tips to improve communication between the generations.

Job Hazard Analysis
What hazards exist every day?  This video shows how utility workers can perform a job hazard analysis for the projects they work on.

Welcome to the Union!
The UWUA Women's Committee shares the basics of UWUA union membership. This is a good watch for new and existing members.

Members Speak Out - How to Increase Women's Representation
UWUA members talk about how to increase women's leadership and representation in UWUA.

Day 2

Department of Labor Priorities
A message from the Department of Labor Secretary Walsh addressing members about some of his priorities as labor secretary and why the unionized workforce is so important.

OSHA and You
Acting OSHA Director Fredericks discusses how OSHA is working to enhance safety in the workplace.

Creating a Local Safety Committee
Through a roundtable discussion of UWUA National Safety Committee Members, you will learn the importance of safety committees and how you can set up a local safety committee with your employer.

Systems of Safety in 2021
From in-person to virtually, the UWUA’s System of Safety (SOS) program creates opportunities for members to discuss safety in the workplace.  See how this program has evolved during the COVID pandemic.

Is All Conflict Bad?
This video explores the differences between good and bad conflict and provides tip to resolve conflicts that exist.

Members Speak Out - The Importance of Safety
UWUA members talk about what safety means to them and why it is so important. 

Day 3

P4A's Role in the Energy Sector
A message from Department of Energy Secretary Granholm addressing the importance of the union training union model and P4A’s programs in the energy sector.

Cultivating Women Leaders
A panel discussion by members of the UWUA Women's Committee explores how women can become more involved in their locals.

Unions and Young Workers
A roundtable discussion by member of the UWUA Young Workers Committee about why young workers are getting involved in their locals unions and the impact that they are having.

Members Speak Out - Young Members and Their Role
UWUA Young Worker members talk about their generation's role in the UWUA.

Financial Literacy and You
The UWUA Young Workers Committee provides basic information regarding financial literacy.

UWUA’s Veterans Committee
Working with military community across the regions.  UWUA Veterans Committee members share the work they are doing with members of the military community in their region.

PTSD's Impact
A look at PTSD's impact on our military community.

The California Water P4A Experience
Leveraging P4A to help improve safety.

Situational Awareness - What’s Over There?
This video will discuss the importance of situational awareness on the job site and provides tips and techniques to enhance your situational awareness.

Closing Conference Remarks
UWUA's Executive Vice President and Chair Dillon wraps up this year’s conference.